From: JD []

Sent: Saturday, August 29, 2015 08:23 AM

To: Tracey Jacobs

Subject: Re: WiIIiam Freidkin

i NEED YOU to get on to the fucking harley’s regarding LONDON FIELDS!!! they are going to be PREMIERING IT AT THE TORONTO FILM FESTIVAL!!!

despite our LETTER OF LEGAL ACTION if they used their version and not the Matthew Cullen version!!! it is in Amber’s contract that there will be NO NUDITY and her fucking agent’s are weak and insipid!!! also, they were told that i would NOT ALLOW THEM TO USE ANY OF MY WORK IN THE FILM, as i had agreed to do the film based on Matthew... !!!!

will you PLEASE CALL THESE MOTHERFUCKERS and you and Jake get on this IMMEDIATELY ! ! ! ???